Solo Dance Parties

I currently have one lovely roommate, but we both work a lot and are busy young ladies so we usually only see each other in the evenings and on weekends.  We are often two ships passing in the night.

Soon I will have 3 roommates, so one of my biggest problems will be solved: dancing on my own.

Now this is not the cool, devil may care, dancing on my own that Robyn sings of.  I’m not sad that my some guy I like is kissing another girl at the club.  I’m dancing on my own in my room, in socks, a la Risky Business (wearing pants though…sometimes).

I’m not a good dance by any means, but just really get a kick out of turning up the jams and jumping around.  Dancing alone gives you a chance to try moves that you would be too embarrassed to do in public, but which are super fun to do (ie the sprinkler, mashed potato, etc).  I usually do this when I’m getting ready to go out, or on Fridays when I get home from work.  These are times of hopeful expectancy, looking forward to what could happen.

When I told my future roomies about my solo dance parties they laughed and decided to make it a house rule that no one is allowed to dance alone if others are present in the apartment.  Hopefully we’ll have a good speaker system and can really pump it up.

Here are few of the songs on my “dance” playlist, for your enjoyment/for you to trying dancing alone to:

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Man Crush of the Week: The League’s Pete and Kevin

It is FINALLY September, which means that the NFL season has begun.  Boys and girls everywhere are doing their research, setting their lineups and talking smack on the fantasy message boards.  In honor of my second favorite time of the year, this week’s man crush is actually a bromance: Pete and Kevin from FX’s The League.

A couple of chill bros, hanging out, watching football.

Pete and Kevin are best friends, and terrible people.  Their conniving and collusion against the other members of their fantasy league is unparalleled and really fun to watch.  They are friends that can take it and dish it out even worse.

Kevin is the commissioner of their league, which I can relate to, as I’m the commish of the Gentle Rage league.  He is constantly having to put up with the ridiculous requests of the others but he has sadly never won the coveted Shiva trophy.  Yes, they named their trophy after their dorky high school valedictorian/taker of Kevin’s virginity.

Pete is recently divorced and probably not someone your parents would want you to date.  He hooks up with Ruxin’s AU pair, vultures Andre’s online date matches, and is obsessed with the fantasy league.

These guys are terrible, but their friendship is deep and they would probably do anything for each other.  Except maybe make a trade before gameday.  They are cute in a manly sort of way and I would definitely want to watch a game at Gibson’s with them.

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Man Crush of the Week

This week’s man crush is another fictional character.  He is a complete doofus, yet super cute and lovable.  You may know him as Burt Maclan, FBI, but his real name is Andy Dwyer (from Parks and Recreation).

I love a man who loves cheese.

Andy is probably one of the most ridiculously clueless characters on television, but that makes us love him all the more. His naivety and especially his unapologetic love for the super sarcastic April also make him one of the most adorable characters.

He is a manly man, a lover of flannel, a rock star.  He would do anything for his friends and doesn’t know what health insurance is.  He fell into a pit…twice.

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Separated at Birth?

Ever year Alyssa and I have been friends (and it is a wonder we even became friends because there was a debacle involving football tickets and misinformation) we seem to grown more and more alike. At first it was the occasional skirt or dress we had in common, book we had both read, or movie we both loved but it soon grew into much more. One of the girls in our hall sophomore year even thought we were cousins because of our similar voices and general likeness (this girl was also a doofus, so take that lightly). No, dummy, we aren’t related but we are creepily similar in many ways. Often times we will buy the same clothes unintentionally (re: Spring Break, Miami 2011) and Alyssa even said once that I was an easy person to shop for because she would just think of things she would like and buy them for me. Even when we don’t own the same things, sharing is often on option although I definitely have the better side of that deal. On me, Alyssa’s shirts become dresses, whereas my shirts become crop tops on her. The only thing that sets us apart are our heights and shoe size. Senior year of college, we were even able to create a “wall of same” because we had dressed similarly so many times (most not on purpose).

However, now our likeness has grown into a health hazard. OVer the summer while Alyssa was battling her chronic headaches, my body, not to be outdown, had to succumb to a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. It almost became a contest of who would be hospitalized first (I think I won that one, although Alyssa has me beat many times over in the time of illness). Now, 6 months later, we both find ourselves with a sore threat, fever, congestion, and fatigue. Now you may be thinking, “It’s cold season, that’s not unusual!” But given our track record, I think it’s some sort of paranormal phenomenon. What is wrong with us? Will we ever know? I think this is a case for Mulder and Scully to investigate.

Man Crush of the Week

Because Alyssa has so graciously started off our regular column “Platonic Lady Crush of the Week,” I feel that it is only fitting that I start off our other installment: Man Crush of the Week (because it really can’t be ladies night EVERY night). Although in my case it would probably be better to call this installment, Fictional Man Crush of the Week because in the coming weeks my crushes will probably largely come from the land of tv and books, including, but not limited to: Matthew Crawley, Peeta, Coach Taylor and Matt Saracen, the list is endless. However, our first Man Crush of the week is the ultimate Man Crush: Special Agent Fox Mulder.

the truth is out there

Now, I realize that this first choice may not resonate with most girls (or guys) in their early 20s, but if you are not a fan of the X-Files you are seriously SERIOUSLY missing out. I recently rediscovered the X-Files while I was home for the holidays and cannot imagine why I stayed away from it for so long. As a teenager, I was OBSESSED with the X-Files and used to watch it religiously everyday after school on SCI-FI (if anyone was under the impression that I was cool in high school, I think I’m slowly changing your opinion). Obviously, it is a great television show, but I think perhaps the biggest draw is FBI Agent Fox Mulder, who is a fox in more ways than one.

Fox Mulder is really the ideal man. He is handsome, smart (an Oxford educated criminal profiler), extremely good-looking, relentless in his mission to find the truth, AND he believes in aliens and government conspiracies. Mulder also is a very conflicted person, his sister having been abducted by aliens when he was younger; however, this only makes him more appealing. While he may be serious and consumed by his work, Mulder also has a light side and sense of humor, plus his relationship with his partner, Dana Scully, is simply the best. In fact, they may be the best duo ever to grace our televisions (look forward to a future platonic lady crush segment about Scully).  Some people may find Mulder’s persistence in seeking answers to unexplainable cases irritating, but I will never tire of watching him and Scully investigate the paranormal.

John Doggett, you were a lousy replacement.