The Birth of BARBIE

It was a cool Thursday evening in the spring of 2011.  The girls were leaving a party (saving me from embarrassing myself) and driving home.  I cried out from the backseat, “I’M HUNGRY!” and forced our lovely driver to go to McDonald’s.  Our dear friend Lisa had never before experience the Golden Arches drive-thru (or any drive-thru…she’s from Connecticut), so this was quite an experience.

Of course I ordered a Happy Meal.  Happy Meals are the perfect well-rounded drunk meal.  French fries, chicken nuggets (one of my favorite foods), Diet Coke and a TOY.  Usually I just throw the toy away with the rest of my trash, but this toy was different.

Purple hair, small waist, pink strapless dress, no shoes.  Her name was Barbie and she was beautiful.

I don't see any hope in here.

Since then, Barbie has become another wheel on our friendship bus.  She goes with us anywhere we have fun.  Usually we remember to take her out of one our purses to take pictures with her, but sometimes we are too drunk or having too much fun to remember.  It is at these times that I feel truly sorry for Barbie.  I’m sure she wishes that she was just a little bigger so that she didn’t so easily fit into pockets and purses.  If she wasn’t so perfectly sized we would have to bring her out more…or we would never bring her anywhere.

Barbie loves birthdays.

Barbie has been to Miami, DC, Chicago, St. Louis and of course, South Bend.  She has seen the Washington

Monument and been inside Notre Dame stadium.  She has flown on planes, driven in cars, ridden on trains.  One day she hopes to make it Ireland to visit Mo.  She rang in the new year with most of us (although she was sadly forgotten in my purse).

Barbie will be an important part of this blog, and we plan on sharing her adventures with you often.

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