A hodge-podge

This is my first post. Unlike the other bloggers, I’m a grad student. A science grad student. This means I spend a lot more time than most people thinking about, reading about, worrying about, and writing about science. My posts will probably showcase this. However, it’s still winter break for us grad students in Ireland so I’ve been left to my own devices. This yields:

1. I bought a kindle. It’s revolutionary. Everyone should. I’m reading EVERYTHING. Just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain. Such an emotional book. Dogs are the best.

2. I went skydiving. My parachute was blue. That might reveal something about my personality. It was terrifying but also amazing. I think I nearly had a heart attack at the start when the whole “there was a plane and now there is no plane” idea hit me. All of the photos, ect of this event look like I’m about to die of terror.

3. Meyers-Briggs wise, I’m an ESFP. I guess I’m more feelings than rationality (truth) and extroverted (very truth). The internet says based on this I should work in sales or counseling. Fat chance. SCIENCE!

4. My family has a college bowl games extravaganza. Out of the 20+ extended family members, I’m tied for last. N. Illinois better win this one!


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