Adventures in Book Clubbing

One of my favorite things to do when I have free time, and even when I don’t have free time, is to read. While I’ll read any type of book from any genre, one of my favorite genres to read is young adult literature. I could go on forever about why I like YA and why everyone should read it, but I no longer feel the need to justify why I read books written for teenagers. While my friends will make fun of me for my love of YA, I think that they all thank me for introducing them to The Hunger Games (am I right, Brooke?). When I found out online about a YA book club that meets in DC, I knew I had to go.

My friend Melissa and I, after we discovered we shared a love of YA, had been talking about joining this book club for a while, and we decided that this week was the week. However, we were still timid about the thought of joining a group of people who have already had the chance to bond over some good reads. I’ve never been part of a book club but I assumed it was an elite group, unwelcoming to outsiders. Thus, our plan was not to actually join the book club but rather sit next to them and eavesdrop with hopes that they would ask us to join their group. This is more or less what happened.

The book club was due to meet at an adorable little teashop at 2:00 (I’ll refrain from giving actual locations in case anyone from this book club ever stumbles upon this and reads about how pathetic I am), so Melissa and I decided to get there early and scope out a good spot for creeping. I got there first and found a good table next to a group of girls that I pegged correctly as members of the book club. I listened to them discuss YA books and movie adaptations of YA books as more members of the club began to arrive. When Melissa got there the book discussion had already started but she confirmed my suspicions that this was indeed the club we wanted to join. We spent the hour at our own table drinking tea and eating delicious scones until we noticed that the book club was disbanding. Then, Melissa boldly went over to their table and told them that we had overheard their discussion and were interested in joining the group’s next meeting (partly true). Information and email addresses were exchanged, introducing us to the book club and making us 100% more likely to actually sit with them next time.

This blog isn’t meant to be an advice column but I hope that my situation has given some good lessons about what to do when hesitant about joining a new group or club: don’t be outgoing and join outright but rather lurk on the outside and wait for an opportune moment to jump in.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on future book club activities.

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