Man Crush of the Week

Because Alyssa has so graciously started off our regular column “Platonic Lady Crush of the Week,” I feel that it is only fitting that I start off our other installment: Man Crush of the Week (because it really can’t be ladies night EVERY night). Although in my case it would probably be better to call this installment, Fictional Man Crush of the Week because in the coming weeks my crushes will probably largely come from the land of tv and books, including, but not limited to: Matthew Crawley, Peeta, Coach Taylor and Matt Saracen, the list is endless. However, our first Man Crush of the week is the ultimate Man Crush: Special Agent Fox Mulder.

the truth is out there

Now, I realize that this first choice may not resonate with most girls (or guys) in their early 20s, but if you are not a fan of the X-Files you are seriously SERIOUSLY missing out. I recently rediscovered the X-Files while I was home for the holidays and cannot imagine why I stayed away from it for so long. As a teenager, I was OBSESSED with the X-Files and used to watch it religiously everyday after school on SCI-FI (if anyone was under the impression that I was cool in high school, I think I’m slowly changing your opinion). Obviously, it is a great television show, but I think perhaps the biggest draw is FBI Agent Fox Mulder, who is a fox in more ways than one.

Fox Mulder is really the ideal man. He is handsome, smart (an Oxford educated criminal profiler), extremely good-looking, relentless in his mission to find the truth, AND he believes in aliens and government conspiracies. Mulder also is a very conflicted person, his sister having been abducted by aliens when he was younger; however, this only makes him more appealing. While he may be serious and consumed by his work, Mulder also has a light side and sense of humor, plus his relationship with his partner, Dana Scully, is simply the best. In fact, they may be the best duo ever to grace our televisions (look forward to a future platonic lady crush segment about Scully).  Some people may find Mulder’s persistence in seeking answers to unexplainable cases irritating, but I will never tire of watching him and Scully investigate the paranormal.

John Doggett, you were a lousy replacement.

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