Platonic Lady Crush of the Week

Welcome to a (hopefully!) regular installment here at at LNEN (I luv abbrevs).  We all admire different special ladies, whether famous, fictional, or close to us.  This column will give us the opportunity to share our platonic love with the world and get these ladies some of the recognition they undoubtedly deserve.  I personally have many lady crushes that will be covered (by me or probably snatched by one of the other ladies) in the coming weeks; including: Leslie Knope, Tami Taylor, Rashida Jones, Emma Stone, Mindy Kalin, KATY PERRY (this will be an epic post, she is my platonic lady crush of my life), Emmy the Great, Luna Lovegood, The Young Victoria, etc. etc.

For our first official lady crush of the week, I have chosen (drum roll please):

taken from Last.FM

Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club!

I was listening to Slow Club this morning and was inspired to write about Rebecca.  She has a beautiful voice, she’s British, she has awesome hair (PURPLE STREAKS in their most recent video), is an all around blonde beauty, and she just seems like someone I’d get along with really well.  I did some research/stalking on her and found out that she writes a blog for the band!  AND she has a weekly post about her current crush (where I found out she also has an affinity for gingers, like me).  Hopefully one day I will get to see Rebecca perform live and actually get to meet her, but until then, I will start practicing the dance moves she displays in the video for “Where I’m Waking”.  And consider fuschia lipstick.

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