Separated at Birth?

Ever year Alyssa and I have been friends (and it is a wonder we even became friends because there was a debacle involving football tickets and misinformation) we seem to grown more and more alike. At first it was the occasional skirt or dress we had in common, book we had both read, or movie we both loved but it soon grew into much more. One of the girls in our hall sophomore year even thought we were cousins because of our similar voices and general likeness (this girl was also a doofus, so take that lightly). No, dummy, we aren’t related but we are creepily similar in many ways. Often times we will buy the same clothes unintentionally (re: Spring Break, Miami 2011) and Alyssa even said once that I was an easy person to shop for because she would just think of things she would like and buy them for me. Even when we don’t own the same things, sharing is often on option although I definitely have the better side of that deal. On me, Alyssa’s shirts become dresses, whereas my shirts become crop tops on her. The only thing that sets us apart are our heights and shoe size. Senior year of college, we were even able to create a “wall of same” because we had dressed similarly so many times (most not on purpose).

However, now our likeness has grown into a health hazard. OVer the summer while Alyssa was battling her chronic headaches, my body, not to be outdown, had to succumb to a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. It almost became a contest of who would be hospitalized first (I think I won that one, although Alyssa has me beat many times over in the time of illness). Now, 6 months later, we both find ourselves with a sore threat, fever, congestion, and fatigue. Now you may be thinking, “It’s cold season, that’s not unusual!” But given our track record, I think it’s some sort of paranormal phenomenon. What is wrong with us? Will we ever know? I think this is a case for Mulder and Scully to investigate.

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