About Us

We are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.  BFF was coined for us.

We graduated from college in 2011 and we have been trying to figure out how to live in the “real world”.  It is not how MTV portrayed it.  We don’t live in a house with 7 strangers.  We live in a house with a pair of twins.

This is a weird time in our lives and we thought we’d share it with you.

Our guest posters include Mo Mo, Brookens, and Court.  They are 3 of our besties from college.  And 2 of our current roommates.  And one girl that may never return to America from Ireland.

Caitlin “Christmas Hams”: Hypochondriac, only child, blonde, vegetarian, long of torso, short of leg. Baby hands and feet. Some might think that her small proportions are what help her blend in with preteens, but it is really her love of YA books, ABCFamily television series and her obsessive use of sunscreen. She loves sequins, primary colors, earrings, puzzles, crying in public, delicate male arms and cheese. She once stuffed a whole loaf of bread in her mouth and let her friends videotape it. And upload it to Facebook. And then make sound bites out of it.

Wise words: “I puked, it was blue, it tasted like Doritos.”

Caitlin and Barbie circa 2011

Alyssa “Ghostlyssa”: There are many words that can be used to describe Alyssa; tan is not one of them. As a child, her parents were afraid to let her play in the snow, fearing she would blend in with the white and be lost forever. Luckily, Alyssa was strong and was able to overcome this adversity. Today she is perhaps most well known for being Katy Perry’s number #1 fan and for her uncanny ability to prepare frozen chicken nuggets. Alyssa enjoys being on the pigs back, singing along to the Dixie Chicks, and telling people they look good. She spends most of her free time being taller than all her friends, watching Chopped and trying to figure out who killed Rosie Larsen. One day Alyssa will be King of the Belgians.

Famous Quote: If they’re playing Katy Perry right now, I’m going to kill myself!!

Girl or Lion?

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