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Solo Dance Parties

I currently have one lovely roommate, but we both work a lot and are busy young ladies so we usually only see each other in the evenings and on weekends.  We are often two ships passing in the night.

Soon I will have 3 roommates, so one of my biggest problems will be solved: dancing on my own.

Now this is not the cool, devil may care, dancing on my own that Robyn sings of.  I’m not sad that my some guy I like is kissing another girl at the club.  I’m dancing on my own in my room, in socks, a la Risky Business (wearing pants though…sometimes).

I’m not a good dance by any means, but just really get a kick out of turning up the jams and jumping around.  Dancing alone gives you a chance to try moves that you would be too embarrassed to do in public, but which are super fun to do (ie the sprinkler, mashed potato, etc).  I usually do this when I’m getting ready to go out, or on Fridays when I get home from work.  These are times of hopeful expectancy, looking forward to what could happen.

When I told my future roomies about my solo dance parties they laughed and decided to make it a house rule that no one is allowed to dance alone if others are present in the apartment.  Hopefully we’ll have a good speaker system and can really pump it up.

Here are few of the songs on my “dance” playlist, for your enjoyment/for you to trying dancing alone to:

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Platonic Lady Crush of the Week

Welcome to a (hopefully!) regular installment here at at LNEN (I luv abbrevs).  We all admire different special ladies, whether famous, fictional, or close to us.  This column will give us the opportunity to share our platonic love with the world and get these ladies some of the recognition they undoubtedly deserve.  I personally have many lady crushes that will be covered (by me or probably snatched by one of the other ladies) in the coming weeks; including: Leslie Knope, Tami Taylor, Rashida Jones, Emma Stone, Mindy Kalin, KATY PERRY (this will be an epic post, she is my platonic lady crush of my life), Emmy the Great, Luna Lovegood, The Young Victoria, etc. etc.

For our first official lady crush of the week, I have chosen (drum roll please):

taken from Last.FM

Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club!

I was listening to Slow Club this morning and was inspired to write about Rebecca.  She has a beautiful voice, she’s British, she has awesome hair (PURPLE STREAKS in their most recent video), is an all around blonde beauty, and she just seems like someone I’d get along with really well.  I did some research/stalking on her and found out that she writes a blog for the band!  AND she has a weekly post about her current crush (where I found out she also has an affinity for gingers, like me).  Hopefully one day I will get to see Rebecca perform live and actually get to meet her, but until then, I will start practicing the dance moves she displays in the video for “Where I’m Waking”.  And consider fuschia lipstick.

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Oh hey guys! and gals (ok, only gals)


For my first post, I’m going to go back. back to 2011. back to the year of blizzards, burning Christmas trees, graduations, new jobs, new cities, and new lives! 2011 was the year of many things, but I’m going to head and just list some of my favorite (mostly musical) things of 2011.



Great Albums:

1. Wye Oak- Civilian

2. St Vincent- Strange Mercy

3. North Highlands- Wild Ones

4. Cults- Cults

Cults – You Know What I Mean

5. Pj Harvey- Let England Shake

PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose

6. Drake- Take Care

Drake – Make Me Proud

7. The Throne

Jay Z – That’s My Bitch

8. Lykke Li- Wounded Rhymes

Lykke Li – I Know Places

9. Los Campesinos- Hello Sadness

Los Campesinos! – Hello Sadness

10. Laura Marling- A Creature I don’t Know

Laura Marling – I Was Just A Card


More great songs:

Tune-Yards – Powa

Slow Club – Beginners

The Kills – Baby Says

The Elected – Look At Me Now

Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

Okkervil River – Your Past Life as a Blast

Beirut – Goshen

The Drums – Money

EMA – California

Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me

The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young

Dum Dum Girls – Wasted Away

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

The Joy Formidable – I Don’t Want To See You Like This

Feist – The Circle Married The Line


Other great things-

This picture:


Coach Taylor.

FNL on Netflix

Parks and Rec


Trader Joe’s

The Royal Wedding

Robyn (still)



Harry Potter